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Learn About Diamonds

Before committing to purchasing a diamond, it's important to be familiar with the characteristics that make your diamond so unique. Each diamond is intrinsically different to the next. The four characteristics, or the '4Cs' are the important attributes that cause certain diamonds to be desirable and valuable, and others to fall short. Transparency is important to us, and knowing where to put your money is important to you, which is why our trained gemmologists have put together the following information to make your diamond selection a little easier, and are on hand to answer any queries

Diamond Shapes

Discover a selection of diamond shapes with 360° detailing, and explore the design benefits of each shape

Diamond Cut

Here's why our gemmologists consider 'cut' to be the most important of the 4Cs

Diamond Colour

Learn how diamond 'colour' is graded, and which grades you should stick between for bright diamond

Diamond Clarity

Most diamonds feature a number of small marks. This is how you can find a diamond that looks clear to the eye

Diamond Carat Weight

Read to find out how to find a well sized stone for a good price, and why 'cut' maybe more important than 'carat'

Diamond Cost

Understand how diamonds are priced, and how you can find the best stone to optimise your budget

GIA Certified Diamonds

Learn why selecting a GIA certified diamond is crucial in ensuring you get the exact diamond you pay for

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