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GIA Certified Diamonds

Learn Why Selecting a GIA Certified Diamond is Important

What are GIA Certified Diamonds?

Hearts of London are trusted suppliers of loose GIA certified diamonds. There are a number of diamond grading laboratories across the world, but none as renowned as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Thanks to their exceptionally strict grading rules, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality diamond for what you’re paying when it comes to GIA certified diamonds. We would always advise buying only GIA certified diamonds, which is why all our diamonds have been graded by the GIA. Other grading labs may grade over-generously, meaning you’ll be paying over the odds for a diamond that doesn’t live up to its grade.

The not-for-profit organisation are so thorough, that each stone will go through two rounds of grading to ensure the correct cut, clarity, carat and colour grades are awarded to the stone.

Example GIA Diamond Report

Example GIA Diamond Report

Each GIA diamond is laser inscribed with its unique code, used to identify the stone. This is another precaution to ensure the diamond you’re paying for is the diamond that ends up in your ring, and matches the accompanying GIA certificate. The laser inscription is so minute that it is invisible to the naked eye, seen only under 50x magnification, and is discreetly located on the girdle of the stone. In most instances, we’ll make sure this GIA number is in an accessible place when crafting your ring, to ensure you can always check the code. For some designs this isn’t possible, such as with rubover settings.

When you visit our Hatton Garden store, we’ll show you your diamond’s unique code, so you can ensure this matches the corresponding certificate, and that the diamond you leave with is the diamond you paid for.

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