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Engagement Ring Styles

From classic solitaires to three stone engagement rings, discover your signature style

Which Ring Style Should I Choose?

The style of ring you choose should be an important consideration, and the choice can seem overwhelming. Take a little time to look through our notes on ring styles to gauge an idea of the perfect ring design for you. From trilogy engagement rings to solitaires, halo engagement rings to diamond bands - each design choice has its meaning and aesthetic benefits.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring includes only one centre stone, meaning all eyes are on that one diamond or gemstone. Many regard this as the most traditional style of engagement ring, which, dating back to the 17th Century, has stood the test of time.

A well-set solitaire diamond makes the most of light play, without additional metalwork or stones interfering with the appearance of the diamond. A solitaire stone is very much in the spotlight, meaning finding the perfect balance of cut, clarity, size and colour is important. Our trained gemmologists are on hand to help you strike that perfect balance.

A solitaire setting can be incredibly diverse, from clever tricks that make the diamond appear to ‘float’ within its setting, to traditional 6 claw solitaire engagement rings and contemporary rubovers. Each of our signature solitaire engagement rings has been designed to maximise light play and enhance the natural beauty of your stone. Whilst we specialise in round brilliant cuts, we can also create solitaire rings using fancy shape diamonds and gemstones, for a more contemporary engagement ring.

Trilogy Engagement Rings

A trilogy, or ‘trinity’ engagement ring is beautiful both aesthetically and sentimentally. Trilogy engagement rings feature three stones, symbolising the past, present and future of your relationship. Whilst the three stones can be equal in size, it is more common for the centre stone to be the largest, representing arguably the most important of the stones, the ‘present’.

Similar to Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, design by Prince Harry, the most common trilogy style ring is ‘graduated’, meaning the weight of the centre stone is the sum of the two shoulder stones put together. This isn’t a necessity, but is a great way to achieve a balanced design. You may opt for a ‘slightly graduated’ trilogy, in which the size difference between the three stones is less dramatic, or you may choose to have three identically-sized stones for a more unusual engagement ring design.

A trilogy engagement ring can be a good way to maximise size, without maximising your budget. The price of three smaller stones will be considerably less than one stone of the same carat weight. The addition of a halo can also increase the size and sparkle of your bespoke engagement ring.

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring setting is the addition of smaller diamonds or gemstones around the centre stone. Although traditionally a design for round brilliant cut diamonds, the use of fancy shapes such as oval and princess cuts in halos has grown in popularity.

Whilst a halo uses lots of little diamonds, using these small diamonds to frame your centre diamond is far less expensive than using just one stone of the same total carat weight, meaning a halo design can be cost effective whilst maximising the size of your engagement ring.

At Hearts of London, we make sure each halo stone is identical in size and colour to the next, meaning the completed halo will look consistent. Using micro diamonds that are brighter and whiter than your centre diamond may make the centre stone appear duller or yellowish in contrast, which is why we always calibrate each diamond to perfectly match the colour of your centre diamond. For a more unique engagement ring, a fancy colour halo can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your ring!

Diamond Band Engagement Rings

Weighing between 0.18 carats and 0.001 carats, melee diamonds are used on the band of some designs to add intricacy and sparkle. The setting style for diamonds bands can vary hugely, the most popular being pave, scallop and channel settings. For a vintage flare, why not add milgrain detailing to the edge of your diamond band?

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