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Diamond Cut

A Guide to Diamond Cut

What is Diamond Cut?

At Hearts of London, we determine cut to be the most important of the 4 Cs. The cut refers to the precise angles and sizes of each facet, rather than the shape of the diamond. As light enters the top of the diamond (the table), it will refract into its spectral colours and reflect back out the crown facets. The more precise and symmetrical the cut of the diamond, the sparklier it is. In regards to diamond shape, round brilliant cuts are the most sparkly as the symmetry and accuracy of every facet is calculated to create the most scintillating sparkle.

While some jewellers choose cuts that maximise a size of each diamond, we focus primarily on the quality of the cut, and therefore the beauty of the diamond. This is because some stones are cut in a way that maximises weight - when the proportions are poor, diamonds will look dull and lifeless. We usually advise clients to sacrifice carat weight for beauty.

Every diamond is cut and polished by hand; a process that is most definitely an art. While a skilled cutter can realise the beauty of a diamond, a poor one will ruin the finest stone. We therefore hand select and sort every diamond set into our jewellery, rejecting those that are ill-proportioned, non-symmetrical or poorly finished.

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