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About Hearts of London

About Us

The team behind Hearts of London are some of Hatton Garden’s most talented design experts, masterful jewellers and knowledgeable gemmologists, bringing a breath of fresh air to London’s jewellery industry. Each member of the team works closely together to ensure every piece of jewellery we create is just as exquisite as the last.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our tried and tested designs or have a totally unique design in mind, our prices remain the same, meaning you can neglect the myth that a bespoke engagement ring is an expensive route to go down. And why is bespoke best? Because there’s a beautiful sentimentality to the fact that each Hearts of London ring is crafted purely for the one person that will wear it for the rest of their life.

Customer Care

We’re proud to say that many of our clients visit us due to recommendations of friends and family, which is testament to the warmth and knowledge of our team. When you make an appointment to come into the store, we’ll take the time to get to know you, to take you through the ins and outs of diamond and gemstone selection, and help you to finalise the perfect ring design for you.

Finding the best diamond or gemstone for your budget is what our gemmologists are trained to do, meanwhile our design experts work tirelessly to perfect each design. Every ring design is scrutinised before it even enters our in-store workshop, because we know the comfort of your ring is equally important as its beauty. Once in the workshop, our goldsmiths with craft and finesse your bespoke ring to the utmost quality.

Watch Our Quality Promise

Diamond Expertise

Transparency is at the heart of our ethos, and we’ll never push a sale that’s beyond your budget. Each of our highly qualified consultants has an in depth knowledge of diamonds and precious gemstones thanks to the time they’ve taken to study and gain gemmology certifications from Gem-A and GIA, the most prestigious industry institutions. Paired with a knowledge of global markets and grading systems, and a passion for what they do, our gemmologists are experts in sourcing the best diamonds and gemstones for each of our clients’ specific needs, seeking the ultimate combination of characteristics to optimise every budget.

We are committed to sourcing certified, conflict free diamonds, and are avid supporters of the UN’s Kimberley Process, which works to eradicate blood diamonds from global trade. We only source diamonds and gemstones from a selection of the most recognised, trusted suppliers.

Our Workshop

Located within our Hatton Garden showroom, our workshop is decked out with the best in CAD technology, traditional tools, microscopes to help us finesse the finest of details and, of course, our talented team of goldsmiths. Whilst some ‘bespoke’ jewellers order-in mass produced ring parts, we make everything from scratch, ensuring you peace of mind that each and every part of your ring has been designed and crafted to the highest of standards.

Crafting each ring from scratch allows you the opportunity to add personal flourishes to our existing designs, whether that’s adding an engraving, swapping one diamond shape for another or altering the size of a halo. The possibilities are endless.

Helping over 10,000 couples tie the knot with our handcrafted engagement & wedding rings


Our History

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  • 2009
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Our story begins with company founder Brett Afshar, years before the Hearts of London concept had even been conceived. In his mid twenties, Brett created a successful mystery shopping business, working with companies to highlight the importance of creating positive customer experiences - a career that largely shapes Hearts of London’s ethos today. It was in June 2009 that Brett sold his business to one of the world's largest market research companies, and took redundancy. At somewhat of a loose end as to what to embark on next, and an itch to use his customer service expertise, Brett had the desire to start another company, but in which industry he didn’t quite yet know..

A Search For Genuine Expertise

In 2009, Brett and wife Natalie were expecting their first child, which led Brett to visit Hatton Garden in search of a sentimental gift for his wife. In the first store he entered, he felt hurried, the sales attempt void of genuine diamond and jewellery expertise. The second store? ‘I remember the salesman offering me the “deal of the decade” if I purchased there and then. It felt murky and untrustworthy - not special in any way.’ A third and fourth store later, Brett realised just how outdated Hatton Garden’s offering and approach had become. ‘With a background in customer service measurement, I knew all four experiences would have had me calling the store management. The problem was, these were the managers and owners I was dealing with.’

No Hard Sale Required

Having identified a trend for jewellers to push their goods based on cheap prices and hurried sales, Brett sought out a business model for Hearts of London, focusing on reversing the negative experiences he had had. Hearts of London was to be run by qualified gemmologists and design experts, able to offer their genuine, rich expertise in order for clients to make the most informed decisions. Opposed to a hard sale, Hearts of London would be a jewellers of high standards and quality craftsmanship, enabling each piece of jewellery to speak for itself - no hard sale required.

Filling In The Gaps

A one-man-band, Brett built the original Hearts of London website, with initial plans to operate an online-only business. The site was rich with information on how to choose a diamond, their characteristics and values, about choosing a metal type and the intricacies of the crafting process. Hearts of London was filling in the gaps that outdated jewellers had failed to acknowledge.

The Team Expands

Whilst he gained a good grasp of diamond knowledge during his first few years in the jewellery industry, Brett knew it was time to get serious. A thorough understanding of diamonds was essential for building an honest, transparent jewellers, from which clients themselves could gain a deep understanding of their purchase. Embarking on the Gem-A Diamond Diploma course, he met Eddi, who was to become both the sales director and chief gemmologist of Hearts of London. The pair conducted client consultations and worked from a small office space on Kirby Street.

Showroom Doors Open

An influx in demand and growing business saw three more members join the founding team. Occupying what was essentially a three-person office space, it was time to move out - and the perfect space presented itself: 29 Greville Street, Hatton Garden. The space became Hearts of London’s first showroom.

Below a modestly-sized shop floor, space for private consultation rooms and workbenches for our goldsmiths brought the ring-making process closer together. Our clients could now see exactly how their jewellery was made, and the process was more transparent than ever.

Certificate of Excellence

After establishing our first showroom, Hearts of London became a rooted member of the Hatton Garden scene, recognised amongst some of London’s top jewellers. 2016 saw Hearts of London gain a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence, and now boasts some 192 ‘Excellent’ reviews, a 100% ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot and 100% 5 star rating Google reviews.

A Boost in Bespoke

By 2017, the demand for unique, bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands was higher than ever. As well as choosing from our signature designs, clients were looking for ways to either personalise their rings or create totally original designs. Enter our CAD designer, Stuart. With a background in both gemmology and design, Stuart’s skill set enabled Hearts of London to cater for the growing demand in complex and unique designs, setting Hearts of London apart from the local stores which carried a limited range of rings.

We Reach 10k Clients

By 2018, Hearts of London was in full swing, our exposure owed to the happy clients that had advised their friends and family to visit. We became a business based largely on word of mouth, entrusted by over 10,000 couples to create their engagement and wedding rings. Whilst our online reviews soared, we knew there was room for expansion. The evolution of the internet over the past few years had enabled for far more sophisticated online shopping possibilities than the original Hearts of London website had allowed for. Plans for a new website began...

Welcome to the New Website

The Hearts of London website was relaunched. The new platform allows clients to purchase our signature engagement rings and wedding bands online, with the ability to customise their choice. We know the importance of each and every diamond, and the personal as well as gemmological reasons that inform your purchase, which is why we’ve built a website that enables you to hand select the exact diamond you’re after. We continue to take appointments at our showroom for those after a more hands-on experience, or wanting something more bespoke. How involved you become in the creation of your ring is up to you, and as we expand our offering both online and in store, Hearts of London continue to strive for cherishable experiences, exceptional quality and total transparency.