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  • Are custom engagement rings really more expensive than off the shelf?

    Hatton Garden jewellers explain why a bespoke engagement ring may be a less expensive (and less intimidating) route than you thought - and the qualities you should look for in an independent jeweller to get the best value for your personalised engagement ring.

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  • Wildest & Sweetest Engravings for Your Wedding Rings

    Choosing a bespoke jewellers for your wedding rings allows you the opportunity to get creative. In Hatton Garden, wedding rings are aplenty, and we’ve seen it all - see our wackiest and sweetest engraving ideas to make your wedding rings truly personal.

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  • How to Make a Custom Engagement Ring

    Whether the engagement ring you're after can’t be bought off-the-shelf, or you enjoy the romance of creating a custom design, making a bespoke engagement ring doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Find out how...

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  • Engagement Ring Inspiration: Royal Engagement Rings

    From Meghan Markle's famed engagement ring, to those a little less known, we take a look at some of our favourite royal engagement rings. Expect sizeable beauties, hefty price tags and plenty of sparkle.

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