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How to Make a Custom Engagement Ring


Since Prince Harry famously designed Meghan Markle's engagement ring, more proposers-to-be are looking to create personal and unusual engagement rings for their loved ones - and you can too. 

Making a bespoke engagement ring doesn’t have to be a difficult process. These 4 top tips, as advised by our qualified jewellery designers and crafters, will have you creating your unique engagement ring in no time.

Hearts of London’s qualified team of diamond and gemstone experts, masterful crafters and skilled design consultants break down the process, to guide you through each step of creating a custom engagement ring. Discover their top tips to create the ultimate, personal engagement ring.

Bespoke pear diamond engagement ring with split shank

Selecting the Centre Stone

Choose a diamond engagement ring for a traditional look, or a more colourful gemstone for a more alternative engagement ring. Sapphire engagement rings are the obvious choice for those with an admiration of royal engagement rings, the deep blue reminiscent of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s much-loved gemstone. Few gemstones are actually suitable for setting in a ring that is to be worn everyday - the general wears and tears of daily life would cause most to crack or chip. Our gemmologists advise sticking with sturdier stuff: diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. If there’s another gemstone that you like the colour of, chances are that same hue can be found in a sapphire. Sapphires are created in a rainbow of colours, from the most-commonly associated blue, to red (which are in fact ‘rubies’), to purples, pinks, peaches, peacock greens and everything in between.

When it comes to choosing a diamond, it is important to consider the ‘4Cs’ - the 4 overarching characteristics that make each and every diamond unique. Understanding the traits of carat, cut, colour and clarity is crucial when buying a diamond - the more optimal each characteristic, the more valuable the diamond. Discover which characteristics to prioritise, which are worth the premium, and which to compromise to find the perfect diamond for your budget, with our gemmologists’ Diamond Characteristics Guide.

Selecting a Signature Design

If you choose one of our signature designs, the ring you’ll receive will still be totally bespoke and made to order. You can’t go wrong with a classic and traditional engagement ring design, from solitaire rings to diamond halos and trilogy engagement rings, there’s something for everyone amongst our collection of sophisticated signature designs. By crafting each ring from scratch, Hearts of London gives you opportunity to customise and tweak any of our designs to suit your preference - whether that’s adding a diamond set band, changing the claw type, or altering the size of a halo, this is your opportunity to make your mark on what will be a truly personal engagement ring. If you choose to keep the design as is, you can still relish in the knowledge that you personally selected the centre stone - oh-so romantic.

Classic round diamond engagement ring with a diamond set band, in platinum

Selecting a Unique Engagement Ring Design

So you’re set on creating a totally unique, one-off, unusual engagement ring? But where to start? If you’re stuck for ideas, our design experts advise you seek inspiration all around. Take note of what’s in your partner’s jewellery box, spy the sparkly rings of your friends and family, and perhaps most usefully - search Pinterest and Instagram. Whether you discover a penchant for antique and vintage engagement rings or prefer a contemporary aesthetic, you’ll be sure to discover design elements to borrow, tweak, and amalgamate to build the ultimate, unique engagement ring design.

When it comes to any engagement ring design, it is important that not only is it unequivocally beautiful, but also practical and comfortable. At this point, you don’t need to be totally confident in your ring designing abilities - that’s what our talented design experts are for. We’ll create a vision of your ring using Computer Aided Design (CAD), tweak any elements that may be of concern, and 3D print a wax model for your approval, before casting the real deal.

Trilogy style engagement ring with a bright blue sapphire and two pear diamonds

Selecting an Extra Personal Touch

Adding an unexpected, personal touch to your unique engagement ring is a beautiful way to make your design that little bit more personal. Think of something that might mean a lot to your loved one. Often, this is a subtle touch, perhaps even something that only the recipient of the ring would notice: an engraving, a hidden gemstone, a diamond set bride or bezel. An engraving allows you the opportunity to add meaningful text, such as the date you met, your initials together, a reference to something that only the two of you would understand. The options are endless. We love the idea of adding a small, subtle gemstone to the design, perhaps in your partner’s favourite colour, or as a representation of their personality; royal blue for sophisticates, a red ruby for a passionate partner, or yellow for the person that’s brought a lot of light into your life... Time to get romantic!

Feeling inspired?

If these top tips have got your ideas flowing, why not get in touch to discuss your custom engagement ring? Each piece we create at Hearts of London is hand crafted by some of Hatton Garden's top jewellers, in our in-store workshops. Tap 'contact us' to meet with our gemmologists and design experts to discuss your bespoke engagement ring. If you need a little more inspiration or information, check out our bespoke engagement rings page.

Couple show their custom aquamarine and diamond halo engagement ring after proposalBeach proposal with a rose gold, salt and pepper diamond engagement ring

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