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How to Make a Custom Engagement Ring


  • Our Favourite Independent Businesses to Support in London

    As an independent jewellers ourselves, we know how important it is to support the small, independent businesses that make London the vibrant place it is - now, more than ever! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite independents - see how you can support them.

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  • Are custom engagement rings really more expensive than off the shelf?

    Hatton Garden jewellers explain why a bespoke engagement ring may be a less expensive (and less intimidating) route than you thought - and the qualities you should look for in an independent jeweller to get the best value for your personalised engagement ring.

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  • Meet Our Couples: Amélie & Evan

    "We were watching “the Great Gatsby” and I told him that I loved Daisy’s ring. I guess he paid attention as that’s exactly what my ring is like. It is so classic and timeless."

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  • Wildest & Sweetest Engravings for Your Wedding Rings

    Choosing a bespoke jewellers for your wedding rings allows you the opportunity to get creative. In Hatton Garden, wedding rings are aplenty, and we’ve seen it all - see our wackiest and sweetest engraving ideas to make your wedding rings truly personal.

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  • Wedding planning, inspired by the best society weddings

    Look to the show stopping society weddings that have had everyone talking over the last few years, and see how to plan your wedding in graceful, timeless style. From the destinations you should consider, to the flower you need in your wedding.

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  • Engagement Ring Inspiration: the 7 places you should look

    Choosing an engagement ring may seem overwhelming. Whether you want a design that’s a little different or are determined to stick to a classic engagement ring, knowing where to start isn’t easy...

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  • How to Make a Custom Engagement Ring

    Whether the engagement ring you're after can’t be bought off-the-shelf, or you enjoy the romance of creating a custom design, making a bespoke engagement ring doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Find out how...

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  • Engagement Ring Inspiration: Royal Engagement Rings

    From Meghan Markle's famed engagement ring, to those a little less known, we take a look at some of our favourite royal engagement rings. Expect sizeable beauties, hefty price tags and plenty of sparkle.

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  • Meet Our Couples: Rikesh & Kavya

    After meeting via Twitter, this creative couple honed their style skills for a wedding that met the perfect balance between stylish and traditional. The couple carved out a wedding day that made the most of Indian design, tradition and beauty - and the English weather did not disappoint.

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