When jewellers use the word shape, they are actually referring to the lines of the diamond when it is viewed from above. Online, Hearts of London allows you to choose from over 25,000 diamonds in six of the most popular shapes. As one of Hatton Garden's most creative manufacturing workshops, we also have access to quality, independently certified diamonds in every shape and size.

The most popular shaped diamonds are Round or 'Round Brilliant'; a cut that brings the natural beauty and fire of a stone to life. We advise all clients to select round brilliant diamonds with an overall cut grade of 'Ideal', 'Very Good' or 'Good', whilst the Hearts of London Signature Collection includes our very finest Round Brilliant cut diamonds. We automatically reject diamonds with 'Poor' or 'Fair' cut grades as these lack the sparkle and brilliance of better cut diamonds.

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Both contemporary and elegant, Princess Cut diamonds have bold angular corners and a square profile. They also offer the perfect balance of fire and brilliance, a characteristic that makes them a particularly popular choice for engagement rings.

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Emerald Cut diamonds are unique in that their rectangular pavilion and cut corners create an aesthetic effect that is totally unlike that of any other diamond. The Emerald cut emphasises the clarity of a diamond and care should therefore be taken when considering stones with lower clarity grades.

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Pear cut diamonds are a popular all round choice and are ideal for use in diamond rings, necklaces and earrings. Hearts of London pays particular attention to the quality of the cut and proportions of these diamonds. Those that have been cut to maximise carat weight can often look dull and lifeless. Quality pear cut diamonds need to have a correctly defined shape combined with precisely faceted crown and pavilion angles to ensure that light is optimally reflected around the stone.

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The Marquise Cut is often used to maximise carat weight and the optical properties of fire and brilliance should therefore always be examined carefully to make sure they have not been compromised by poor proportioning. Marquise Cut diamonds can look breathtaking when set alongside smaller side-stones and are ideal for women who may have long fingers.

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Heart Cut diamonds symbolise love and are often given as a sign of affection. Like Princess Cut, the Heart Cut produces a distinctive shaped diamond. When selecting these diamonds, Hearts of London gemmologists are extremely careful in ensuring that each stone is correctly proportioned, with no visible colour zoning either in the corners or point of the heart shape. This can otherwise adversely affect the purity, beauty and brilliance of a Heart Cut diamond.

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Hearts of London sources the finest independently certified diamonds from the worlds major cutting centres. We have established close relationships with diamond polishing factories in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York and Mumbai. This allows us to source all other fancy shapes, including Asscher, Oval, Radiant, Rose and Cushion cut diamonds. Please call 0207 242 3100 for further information.