Choosing a quality engagement that you will treasure forever should involve more than a casual trip to your local jeweller. Armed with proper knowledge, you can make an informed purchase decision, a wise investment and a considerable saving.

The following page provides a summary of factors to consider when purchasing a quality diamond engagement ring. Ultimately, your final decision should be based on a diamond that offers the best combination of the 4C’s, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Ignore any of these, any you jeopardised your chances of getting the best diamond for your money.

At Hearts of London, we are always here to help you find your perfect diamond. A qualified gemologist will be happy to answer all you questions. You can also arrange a consultation where they can show you our collection of beautiful, timeless, elegant and contemporary ring styles.

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  • Decide how much you want to spend. If you are buying an engagement ring, the general rule is one months’ salary, but the sky’s the limit if you are in pursuit of the perfect diamond.
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  • Choose the shape of the diamond you prefer. Although the round, or brilliant cut is the most popular, diamonds come in many shapes. Hearts of London specialise in Round Brilliant, Princess, Emerald, Pear, Marquise and Heart shape diamonds. Online we have prices for over 25,000 certified diamonds, ranging in from 0.30ct to 2.00ct.
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  • Evaluate the diamond’s clarity (degree of transparency). A ‘flawless’ diamond, free from all inclusions or blemishes is very rare. Other diamonds are rated on a clarity scale that grades diamonds from ‘flawless’ to ‘obvious’ inclusions – The higher the diamond’s rating on this scale, the greater its value. Hearts of London only sells diamonds that are visually free of inclusions or blemishes.
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  • Consider the diamond’s colour. Although you may not generally think of diamonds as having colour, the overwhelming majority will have a noticeable yellow tint, caused by nitrogen impurities. Pure diamond is totally colourless. Hearts of London only sells diamonds independently graded as ‘colourless’ or ‘near-colourless’.
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  • Consider the diamond’s cut, something that is critical the brilliance of the stone and a major factor in its value. A well-cut diamond reflects and disperses light in beautiful ways, exploiting qualities such as symmetry, polish and proportions. The top of the diamond (crown) and bottom of the diamond (pavilion) should also not be too deep or to shallow. Unquestionably the most important diamond characteristic, the cut grade should carry a great deal of weight in your selection decision, since a poorly cut diamond will look dull and lifeless.
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  • Evaluate the weight, which is measured in carats. The greater the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond. Also, because well-cut diamonds are cut to precise proportions, diamonds with a larger carat weight will also be larger in size. Also, keep in mind that since larger stones are more rare, when all other diamond characteristics are the same (i.e. Colour, Cut and Clarity), two half-carat diamonds will cost considerably less than a single one-carat diamond.
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  • The least expensive diamonds classified as being 'near colourless', these can still display exceptional brilliance when cut correctly.

Never purchase a diamond without an independent grading certificate. Hearts of London only sell diamonds independently appraised by the World’s leading gemological laboratories. The GIA for example, is the largest and most respected diamond-grading authority in the World. It issues a grading report detailing the diamond’s specifications and characteristics after detailed examination.

A nicked or scratched stone will almost certainly be a fake or artificially treated. A jeweller can easily spot some fakes, others, however, can only be detected by expert gemmologists or specialist gemological laboratories. A questionable stone should always be professionally appraised.

You should always purchase a diamond from a jeweller who will guide you through the process. At Hearts of London we are genuinely committed to helping you optimise you budget and we work under a central guiding principal of total and completely transparency.

Having selected a quality diamond, the next step is to choose a perfect setting. Our master jewellers hand make every setting to ensure that each diamond is held securely in place without ever being damaged. In addition, our settings are carefully positioned to ensure that integrity of the white light is not compromised. With the right setting, we can often use claws or prongs to carefully conceal any diamond inclusion or blemish.

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We use only the finest platinum and 18k white and yellow gold. Our grades are among the purest available and are hallmarked by the London Assay Office. We also offer the expert advice clients need to choose both the type and tone of metal that compliments their diamonds perfectly.

Hearts of London engagement rings are designed to achieve the most visually striking proportions. In addition, they are hand crafted in our Hatton Garden workshop and quality is scrutinised at every stage. Our shank, setting, prong and surface finish are unsurpassed and every ring is hand polished. This unequalled care and attention to detail will be reflected in your ring, enabling you to enjoy the same satisfying feeling each and every time you look at it.

From our workshop, our team of highly skilled and experienced goldsmiths place particular emphasis on cutting edge design, quality workmanship and value for money. Having previously worked for many of London’s most exclusive and respected Bond Street jewellers as well as on some of the world’s most important jewellery pieces, our clients are assured of owning jewellery that is personal and beautifully bespoke rather than uninspiringly mass-produced and ubiquitous.

If you choose to arrange a face-to-face consultation with our qualified gemologists, we will help you find the perfect diamond and get the most from your budget. We’ll also help you to purchase in total confidence and at the best possible prices. We only use independently certified diamonds that are guaranteed to be ethically mined and conflict free. During your gemological consultation, we will use the latest digital microscopy to explain a diamond’s 4C’s, allowing you to make an informed purchase selection.