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  • Trellis - A007

    The Trellis engagement ring features a delicate 'cross-over' design and gently tapering band. This beautiful setting is available to view at our Hatton Garden workshop and can be ordered in platinum, white gold and yellow gold.

    Setting Price: £395.00

    Diamond Price: £580.00

    Total Price: £975.00

    (To above specification & Inc. VAT)

    Dispatched: Within 7 Working Days

    Colour: D - Colour

    D: These diamonds are completely colourless and very rare. They have attained the very highest possible colour grading and no diamond has yet been unearthed that has a colour classification higher than D.

    Clarity: IF

    IF: Flawless diamonds are those with the highest clarity grading. Stones awarded an FL grading have no internal inclusions or external blemishes when magnified. Those given an IF or internally flawless grading may have some very very minor surface imperfections.

    Cut (GIA): Good

    Good: Diamonds with good cut proportions offer a fine balance of fire and life, reflecting most of the light that enters the stone. Stones classed as having a good cut can be significantly less expensive than those with very good proportions and are perfectly acceptable for use in most items of jewellery.

    Whatever your budget, we'll help you find your perfect jewellery. Specify your carat weight, cut and metal preferences and see how diamond colour and clarity affect the total price of your jewellery. We only sell the very highest quality independently certified diamonds and our prices are inclusive of VAT.

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    • 1.75ct
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    • 2.00ct

    Cut Proportions

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    • 18k White Gold
    • 18k Yellow Gold
    • 950 Platinum
    • Palladium

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    Synapse Test review title


    sas, Synapse Test - January 2011.

    A Lovely Ring

    A big thank you to Hearts of London. Id seen a very similar ring to this in a very posh jewellers on Bond Street (though it was at least a couple of thousand quid more). I was really well looked after by Brett and would definitely recommend them. The ring is beautiful.

    Jason, London - January 2011.

    An excellent experience

    I feel in love with this ring and made a trip down to Hatton Garden to see it. I got slightly carried away and spent a bit more on the diamond than I had planned, however, my finance was speechless.

    Leon, Bedford - January 2011.

    Trellis - A00742f72373aR1-135 Thumbnail - White Gold.jpg329.1700f72373aR1-135 Thumbnail - White Gold.jpg493.6170Medium (Average)False7